Join the CC Developer Community


Creative Commons has an active Slack community open to the public. Sign up here. We have a lot of channels to explore, but the ones most relevant to CC's developer community are:

  • #intro – introduce yourself here
  • #cc-developers – for general technical discussion
  • #cc-gsoc – for Google Summer of Code related discussion
  • #cc-usability – for feedback on new releases from the community

For information regarding joining a channel on Slack, look here. For more information about how CC uses Slack generally, see the Slack page on the CC wiki.

Note that channels like #general on Slack consist of a fair amount of users. While it is a channel for general-purpose discussions, please take into consideration that a post on such a channel will notify thousands of users. 😄

If you're looking to talk to someone on CC's tech team, we are all in the Americas and someone is usually around on Slack between 11:00 and 23:00 UTC on weekdays. See the Resources section below for best practices for asking technical questions.

Mailing List

Join the current CC Developers mailing list here.

The archives of our previous mailing list are here.


We have two channels on Freenode.

  • #creativecommons-dev – for technical discussion
  • #creativecommons – for general discussion (this is mirrored to the #general channel on Slack, use only if you want to reach 4000+ people)


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